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Finnish cuisine is unique. Menu changes through the year and there is always lot of choices. In every shopping center you will found couple of restaurants, but there is lot of good restaurants outside the shopping centers.

Restaurant Nokka (Kanavaranta 7 F, 00160 Helsinki)
Restaurant Elite (Eteläinen Hesperiankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki)
Restaurant Meritolppa (Kalastajatorpantie 1, 00330 Helsinki)
Virgin Oil Co. (Mannerheimintie 5, 00100 Helsinki)
Restaurant Savoy (Eteläesplanadi 14, 00130 Helsinki)

Helsinki is full of different kind of cafeterias so founding a cafeteria isn’t a problem. Remember, that finnish coffee is a bit different than normal coffee. Its served long. So if you want short one, you should ask for espresso.

Here is however some of the most popular café’s:
Café Ekberg (Bulevardi 9,  00120 Helsinki)
Faze Café (Kluuvikatu 3, FI-00100 Helsinki)
Kahvila Suomi (Café Finland, Pursimiehenkatu 12, 00150 Helsinki)

You will also see cafe's called Robert's Coffee and Wayne's Coffee if you move in city-centrum.

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